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3rd Issue On-line

Browse the on-line version of 3rd Issue of our Magazine: The Voice of Teens........................

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Go to http://www.voiceofteenblog.com/Dictionary/dictionary.html, and hear how all of us (The Voice of Teen's partners) pronounce the same words in their languages!!!
Thank you Bekir

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Smyrna = Izmir

We found this video on YouTube, published by 7583937 in January 2008. The creator 7583937's Channel

has written a note about "Smyrna and its surroundings":
"All pictures originate without exception from Smyrna. They reflect the multi-ethnical landscape, show importend buildings and sights of Smyrna before 1922. You also see the different quarters, parts and suburbs of the city, like "Karatas - Melantia", "Pagos - Kadifekale", "Göztepe - Enopi", "Karsiyaka - Kordelio", "Kokaryali", "Buca" and "Bornova - Bournobat".
The whole Greeks, Armenians and the most of Levantiner left the city 1922 and in the following years. Most Jews of Smyrna emigrated, after Israel was created.
Enjoy beautiful pictures and moving music!"

Watch one more video about Izmir!

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Preparing the trip to Smyrna

The Greek Team is ready for the 4rth Comenius project meeting in Izmir from 7-12 of December 2009.
We have created our first presentation to learn the most important things about the host-town.
Here they are:


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3rd Meeting

You are wonderful!

You are wonderful!
Many thanks to all participants to 3rd Comenius Project Meeting in Athens from 7-12 of September 2009.
See you in Izmir... (The Greek Team)

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The Magazine "The Voice of Teen" till now

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Don't forget to drop a look at our Magazine "The Voice of Teen".

A magazine for communication and understanding. We are producing this edition using new media.

Look at the websites:

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The Brochure of the Comenius Meeting

Brochure of the Comenius Meeting in Athens
Dear partners,
This is the BROCHURE of the Comenius Meeting in Athens from 7-12 September 2009 in the framework of the project "The Voice of Teen".

Please download it and read the details.
See you soon in Athens
The Greek Team

Useful Tips about the Meeting

Dear partners,
You could download and read some useful tips for your stay in Athens, written by Sofia G.
See you soon.

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Significant town of the ancient Greece.

Athens was a town where the arts and the philosophy had been blooming for centuries. Nowadays, Athens is the capital of Greece and is still known for its glorious history.

But where did Athens take its name from?

Well, according to a Greek myth there were two gods.
The one was named Poseidon and the other Athena. They both wanted to give to this town their name and be its protectors.
These were the reasons why they had a little fight in the highest area of the town whose name is Pnyx.
There Poseidon gave the inhabitants the horse and the water of the sea.

On the other hand Athena had donated only an olive-tree.
The crowd decided that the olive-tree was more useful than the Poseidon’s gifts, not only because this tree provides its fruit but also because olive was believed to be the symbol of Peace. This is why our town is named Athens.

The Goddess Athena
Athena was one of the twelve Olympian gods and she was supposed to be born from the mind of Zeus, the supreme Olympian God. She was the goddess of wisdom and peace.
Her symbols were the olive-tree and the owl.
Theoretically, the Athena’s olive-tree still stands on the Acropolis.

The God Poseidon

Poseidon was one of the three brother gods of Olympus, who divided the world among them. Poseidon's lot was the sea. He was also the god of water, horses, storms, earthquakes and the natural phenomena in general. He was considered responsible for shipwrecks and drowning.

His symbols were the dolphin, the horse and the three-pronged trident.

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Κέντρο ανάπτυξης και πολιτισμού του αρχαίου κόσμου.

Η Αθήνα, η σημερινή πρωτεύουσα της Ελλάδας, υπήρξε ανα περιόδους σημαντικό κέντρο ανάπτυξης και πολιτισμού. Έγινε γνωστή κυρίως λόγω των μεγάλων καλλιτεχνών και φιλοσόφων που συγκεντρώνονταν σε αυτή εκείνη την εποχή.

Από πού όμως πήρε η πόλη το όνομά της;
Σύμφωνα με τον μύθο η θεά Αθηνά και ο θεός Ποσειδώνας φιλονίκησαν στην Πνύκα για την προστασία της πόλης. The statue of goddess Athena Ο Ποσειδώνας υποσχέθηκε στους κατοίκους πλούτη από το εμπόριο και πρόσφερε δώρο στην πόλη το άλογο και το θαλασσινό νερό.

crown of wild olive treeΗ Αθηνά πρόσφερε μόνο ένα δώρο, ένα απλό δέντρο ελιάς.
Οι Αθηναίοι που θεωρούσαν την ελιά σύμβολο ειρήνης αποφάσισαν πως η ελιά ήταν πιο πολύτιμη γιατί μαζί με την ειρήνη χάριζε και πλούσια αγαθά. Έτσι η πόλη πήρε το όνομα της Αθηνάς.

H θεά Αθηνά

Η Αθηνά ήταν μία από τους δώδεκα θεούς του Ολύμπου η οποία λέγεται ότι γεννήθηκε από το κεφάλι του Δία.

Ήταν η θεά της σοφίας και της ειρήνης, παρόλο τον πολεμικό της χαρακτήρα.

Τα σύμβολα της ήταν η κουκουβάγια και η ελιά.

Η ελιά της θεάς Αθηνάς θεωρητικά δεσπόζει μέχρι σήμερα στον βράχο της Ακρόπολης.

Poseidon (or Zeus) of Cape Artemision, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece. Ο θεός Ποσειδώνας

Ο Ποσειδώνας ήταν ο θεός - κυρίαρχος της θάλασσας και των νερών. Επιπλέον θεωρείτο ο δημιουργός των φυσικών φαινομένων, των σεισμών και των καταιγίδων, προστάτης των ψαράδων.

Τα σύμβολα του ήταν το δελφίνι και η τρίαινα. Το θαυμαστό χάλκινο άγαλμα της διπλανής εικόνας είναι ο "Ποσειδώνας του Αρτεμησίου" και κοσμεί αίθουσα στο Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο της Αθήνας.

Logos for our Magazine

The final choice took place in Matera / Italy in December 2008 and the logo for our magazine is designed by the Team from Slovakia.

The Voice of Teen's logo

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Greece - Athens

Greece, having Athens as its capital city, is a modern European country, with a long history. It is the ‘cradle of civilization’, yet a bustling modern country, as well. It has got a lot of beautiful places and sights to offer.

There are lots of amazing sights, such as the Acropolis, where you can see lots of statues such as Caryatides, the Couros (statues of men) and the Cores (statues of women).

In addition, you can see ancient pots with illustrations depicting scenes of every day life, well-known battles and the exploits of famous heroes, boat constructions or others idols and ancient coins.

Furthermore, Greece also has a large number of beautiful islands such as Mykonos, Chios, Rhodes, Paros, Santorini, Lefkada and Corfu, Crete, etcetera, which are popular summer destinations. The most popular islands are Mykonos, Rhodes and Corfu, where people from all over the world come to have fun.

However, tourists do not only come to Greece to have fun. They also enjoy the calm, crystal-clean beaches which Greece has; do various types of water sports, such as water skiing, wind-sailing, jet-skiing or simply lie under the clear blue sky and warm sun.

Greece also has very high mountains like Parnassus, Olympus and Psiloritis.

These are popular winter destination, as they offer activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Others simply go to skiing centers like those at Parnassus, Kalavryta and Arahova to enjoy the beautiful scenery sipping a hot cup of chocolate or coffee.

In general, Greece has got fantastic places to explore all year round. Its people are warm, friendly and eager to show you round and cater for your every need. So why don’t you come along and see for yourself?

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Have a wonderful May!

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Καλή Πρωτομαγιά - Καλό μήνα Μάη...

An afrernoon in Frankfurt

We spent 5 unforgettable days in Latvia in the framework of 2nd Comenius meeting. We enjoyed Riga on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning (20th-21st of April). It is a nice city with wide avenues and a wonderful and quiet historical centre.
From Tuesday's evening till Saturday morning we were in Aizpute (Liepaja's region). The weather was extra fine, the sunsets amazing, our hotel "Lejasraki" located 2km away from the centre of Aizpute, close to a small lake, far from the other teams. On Saturday noon, we left Riga with destination Athens, via Frankfurt. We stayed in Frankfurt for 6 wonderful hours, full of happiness and adventure. (The S-bahn lost its route, but we did fortunately catch the plane...). We will remember this trip for ever!

Afternoon in Frankfurt 25-4-2009

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Greetings to Latvia

Warmest Greetings to Latvian friends from the participants of Comenius project "The voice of teen"

Sunset in Aizpute on Thurstday April 23rd, 2009